Ryan Wesen is a classically trained New York City based actor. He has appeared in numerous feature and short films, most notably Axcellerator (2019), You Look Great (2019), and Before the Snow (2016). His films have been screened at a variety of festivals from stateside to Cannes and have received several nominations and wins, including Best Actor in a Feature Drama for his film Before The Snow and Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy in the series 190 Lorimer.

Ryan has worked with a range of theatre and production companies including Edgewood Studios, Mess Films, Slant Theatre Project, Manmade Productions, The New Harmony Project, American Theatre Company and Looking Glass Theatre.

Originally from Las Vegas, he received his BFA from the University of Evansville and a week later he was in Times Square. Ryan has portrayed a wide array of characters in productions ranging from eccentric Kaufman and Hart comedies, to Shakespeare’s classic tragedies. Ryan’s physical training includes years of competitive martial arts and this athleticism has allowed him to effortlessly perform his own stunts in several of his films.

When not acting, Ryan enjoys flexing his brain biceps with strategy games and puzzles. From chess, to fitting a life in to a New York sized apartment.