When Dane (Ryan Wesen), a young car thief, stumbles on the invention of the century, (and the various government agencies that want to kill him), he and a sassy checkout clerk named Kate (Laura James) have the adventure of a lifetime. Also starring; Sean Young, Sam Jones, Maxwell Caulfield and John James.

Before The Snow 

A man struggles to come to grips with his tattered past after being diagnosed with a terminal disease. His physical ailment coupled with medication causes him to dream, hallucinate, remember, and sometimes regret his life.


A young woman watches TV alone in the dark while a mysterious man lurks outside the house.

Time To Pay Off Debts

Humans are capable of the most noble and unselfish acts, and at the same time, the worst of the atrocities. Their soul can be a source of unlimited goodness or a dark, filthy well. Evil can take many and different forms, but there is only one immutable constant common to all men. They always try to run away when it is time to pay off debts…


Benjamin’s boss at Arkema Corp. sends him to present the annual report at the company’s national conference. What could go wrong?